Sustainable Aluminum Packaging


Here at Alum Beverages, we believe aluminum is the future. Read on to find out why sustainable aluminum packaging is good for our planet and future generations, and why you should choose to package water in aluminum cans.

the most recyclable material

  • Canned aluminum is the most recycled packaging product in the world.
  • It only takes about 6 weeks to manufacture, fill, sell, recycle and then re-manufacture aluminum canned water. 
  • Used aluminum canned water can be recycled and returned to a store shelf as a new can in as little as 60 days.   
  • 75 percent of all canned aluminum ever produced is still in use.
  • Recycled canned aluminum production requires only 8 percent of the energy and creates 8 percent of the emissions compared with primary production.
  • Our aluminum canned water contains on average 70 percent recycled content. This is more than 3X the amount in a glass water bottle or a plastic water bottle.
  • Canned aluminum has the highest scrap value, subsidizing the collection and  recycling of other materials making aluminum cans the most valuable items in your recycling bin.
  • Every minute an average of 123,097 aluminum cans are recycled.
  • On average, Americans recycle 2 out of every 3 aluminum cans they use.

ideal for packaging and storing

Aluminum Canned Water Private Labeling Co-Packing Branding Manufacturers

  • Aluminum canned water offers a high level of corrosion resistance and optimal protection from light, ultra-violet rays, water vapor, oils, fats, oxygen and micro-organisms thus keeping the water fresh and guaranteeing a long shelf-life.
  • Canned aluminum helps retain the water's flavor because it is hygienic, non-toxic and non-tainting.
  • Canned aluminum can be produced into thin sheets in which heat is lost and gained quickly making it an ideal cold drink container.